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I will feed your babies first thing in the morning. Next take them outside for walk and explore. Spending at least an hour outside and back to indoor to get snacks and rest. The routine will be repeated twice or more depending on owner’s needs. There will be strictly your pets only staying with me, and I do not keep other animals too. So rest assured your baby will not feel stress around other dogs or cats. I could help to do basic grooming for your pet if required.


Number of pets that will be watched at one time.


Level of adult supervision.

Pets will never be left unattendedPets will never be left unattended

The place your pet will be if they are left unsupervised at home.

Sectioned off area of the houseSectioned off area of the house

The place your pet will sleep at night.

Wherever they wantWherever they want

The number of potty breaks provided per day.


The number of walks provided per day.


The type of home I stay in.


My outdoor area size.


Emergency transport.


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    I’m a pet groomer in JB and I really love spending time with pets, they are just adorable
    I am a freelance pet groomer cum pet nanny, helping pawparents look after their fur kids when they are busy.
    I am a total pet lover and attention seeker from pets. I can’t help playing with them all the time, and I will ensure pet daddy and mummy get frequent updates about their fur kids when they are away.
    when the fur kids sleep well, eat well and happy playing around.

    Skills and qualifications

    Able to recognise subtle signs of a problemAble to recognise subtle signs of a problem
    Skill to administer medicationsSkill to administer medications
    Basic understanding of how to manage and care for petBasic understanding of how to manage and care for pet
    Grooming certificateGrooming certificate

    Other skills

    I could bath your cats or dogs, cutting nails, daily walks, pet taxi, and pet boarding.


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