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1.Provided in home daytime, evening and overnight pet, animal care including: dog walks; fed meals; gave treats; refilled water bowls; cleaned litter boxes and other messes; play and cuddle time; recorded date, time and description of services provided after each visit

2.Provided the nutritional meal with affordable price .

3. Provided homemade jerky for long term boarding pets.

4.Is your dog a picky eater ?We can help you

  • Distance willing to travel: 5 – 20 km
  • The length of each walk: 30 minutes.
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    I’m a pet lover and I love as they are adorable. They making you happier, lessening depression, decreases feeling of isolation and alienation.

    I own a golden retriever since 2019, he is adorable, friendly with kids, although he is adopted but we love him so much. I’ll make sure his uncertain future, now he has no destructive behaviour even he’s home alone, loves to play, appetite is good, happy barking and wagging tail. His happiness is contagious!

    I’m kind, patient pet sitter, implemented specific plans of care for individual pet needs. Provide nutritious meal for pet.

    Outgoing, friendly and natural pet sitter. Handling basic manage and care for pets, your let safety and healthy are always my top priority.


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